CSS3 3D Text Plugin for jQuery

This demonstration creates 3D text using a jQuery plugin. The following text has a class of "text3d" which sets the default effect:

3D Text Demonstration
a jQuery Plugin from SitePoint

The following (non-hovered) text can be generated using this JavaScript code:

	depth: 6,
	angle: 135,
	color: "#aaa",
	lighten: -0.1,
	shadowDepth: 30,
	shadowAngle: 45,
	shadowOpacity: 0.2

CUSTOM 3D – hover over me

(the hover animation works best in Firefox or Chrome)


Download the jquery.text3d.js plugin (2.2kB)

Usage information

For more information, please please refer to:
How to Create a 3D Text Plugin for jQuery

This example code was developed by Craig Buckler of OptimalWorks.net for SitePoint.com.

It can be used without any restrictions but please don't expect 24/7 support! A link back to SitePoint.com is appreciated.